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Christian Taylor-Hilton

Christian has been involved in music for most of his life and it is his main passion.   Christian has appeared on television and played on various radio stations.  He has played in many great local bands such as The Superkings, The Shift and Black Pontiac (just to name a few).

Christian has been teaching drums at The Shift Studios ever since it’s inception and is keen to pass on his knowledge and understand of music to as many budding musicians as possible.  He is not just a drummer he is an established percussionist.  He is very versatile and can play in many styles from pop to latin to african.  Christian can also play to many different types of music he has a rotating residency with Revolution Nightclub and is in pool of percussionists where he gets the first call.

As you could expect he has many different influences from indie to bands like Funkadelic and Tame Impala.  We believe this has been the key to his success and vast ability to adapt to any type of music put in front of him.  Christian has also been called up to do theatre session work which will further enhance his profile.

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