Current Restrictions

We are being severely restricted on “social media”.  This means people are not receiving mentions in our Tweets.  If you see @theshiftstudios, @muso_revolution etc you will see you will have been played regularly over the past few weeks but you will not have been notified!

Rest assured we still have been playing your music on The Shift Radio.

This is a act of suppression (in technical terms it is called “ghost banned”) of ‘The Shift’  and everything we stand for!

Our Social Media, in particular, Twitter was, and is, the biggest and best positions we have ever been in but some people don’t like to see (or want) independent music grow!

This is where we have that divide between the big music monopoly.  They can have many followers… but we can’t!

What Can You Do Vs. What Must You Do

The Shift is in your hands… we can only do so much on our own.

In order to solve our current problem we need each artist to retweet their music; regularly and consistently.

Our ban as partly come as result of not enough retweets and in order to survive we may be forced into removing artists from our database to prevent future possible “ghost bans”.

* We may eventually be forced to remove any artists not retweeting and liking! *


We really need donations!  As you may we’re not like any other radio station.  We are totally self-funded out of hard full time work, we do not bore our audience with adverts and we do not play any “commercial” music whatsoever.

Therefore we currently rely solely on your generation donations for continuity, reliability and future development.  You may not notice some changes but you will feel them as we continually upgrade our global platform.

We are also now aiming to reach phase 2/3 with The Shift Music and to release our apps very soon!

The Shift Music

The Shift Music will, with your help, and ours combined be the next music sales platform that will enable all artists to remain independent.

What is The Shift Music?

The Shift Music will be allowing all our artists to create their own shop, upload their music, sell downloads and physical CD’s and merchandise.  Our new “label” will make sure all the profits go directly to you, the artist, with no middle men taking a percentage or even making money on interest!  The artist will have many benefits:

– Charge for your products!

 – Create your own special offers!

– Or give away offers of free downloads!

Quality is Key

Unlike other platforms, The Shift Radio Station, has been upgraded to stream music in higher 320kbs to allow your fans to listen to your music more like it was intended.  We also encourage donations to increase our storage capacity and enable us to offer the same with videos where most play music in a much lower format we would like to encourage 320kbs here also… after all, why not in this day and age?

Please, PLEASE Donate Regularly

We don’t ask for much at The Shift but we cannot do it all on our own and this is why we have our donation page.

Help us to create The Music Revolution.

Olimometer 2.52

EVERY donation WILL help!

Recent Implementations

– The Shift App – IPhone & Android App (RELEASING V. SOON!)

– Artists Cover Art (This is taking a lot of work!)

– Update of Server

– Creation of Events page, Upload Music Form

Our Mission Statement

“The purpose of The Shift is to spark a revolution which leads to a change in the way we approach the arts and entertainment industry.”

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