Our Equipment and Software

We have the perfect solution to all your recording needs

4 Isolated Rooms

Vocal Booth

Dedicated Drum Room

Performance Room

Production Room


Record noiseless or vintage with a selection of microphones..

Or use this for awesome looking videos…

The Shift Studios - Shure 55s Vintage Microphone - Elvis Mic

Vintage Shure “Elvis” Microphone

Our Dedicated Drum Room

Use our drum kit with a wealth and choice of cymbals and have use of up to a 9 piece kit.

Record Drums In High Quality

Top of the range and such a variety of combinations to make your recording a success…

Pearl Export 6/9 Piece Drum Kit

Paiste PST8 Series Cymbals

Paiste Reflector Series Cymbals

2 x Snare Mics (SM57)

4 x Audix D2 – Middle / High Tom Mics

2 x Audix D4 Low Tom Mics

2 x Audix D6 Bass Drum Mics

2 x Shure BETA 91A Additional Bass Drum Mics

2 x Audix ADX-51 Overhead Mics

Record Drums In Comfort

Record drums in a retro, inspirational, and comfortable setting in our red room…

Original Vinyl Wall

Inspirational Environmoment

Relaxed and Cozy Atmosphere

Use Our Instruments

A selection of instruments; vintage and new are available at your ready…

The Shift Studios - Gibson 160e Electro Acoustic Guitar

Gibson 160e electro-acoustic guitar

The Shift Studios - Gretsch Tennessee Rose Semi Acoustic Electric Guitar

Gretsch Tennessee Rosewood electric guitar

The Shift Studios - Rickenbaker Bass Guitar

Rickenbacker bass guitar

Use Our Amps

D.I or get super-mic’d up with a variety of amps to find your desired sounds…

Marshall JCM 2000 Amp

Behringer Ultrastack 400

Peavey Bass Amp


We use the latest Cubase 7′s Advanced Music Production Software and Pro Tools to mix and master using a high quality audio interface making signal loss and bad recordings a thing of the past.

The use of all of the studio’s equipment listed is included in the package.

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 The Shift Studios, 1 Manchester Road, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 1HQ

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