The Shift Movie

The Shift The Movie

In this not so distant future

There is a darkness that can be seen

And a light that cannot…


All hope has been lost

There is disease, famine and pestilence

Wars and rumours of wars…


Infused and consumed with technological advances

As the world is brought together

Minds are still divided…


The survival of man

Is welcoming the arrival of a new world religion

The religion of peace…


The willing submission to control

Has created them slaves to their system

This is called freedom…


There is an evil force up on us

But the good in some remains

It’s life against death…


Through the ages into this new age, new world, new order there has been many changes and here shifts.

In a new futuristic feudalistic dystopian society kings and queens openly rule once again over the realms and over the kingdoms.

There is the rise of a leader who has gained power and influence like never seen before from the beginning of time.

After millennia of the amassing of secret knowledge is unleashed and with the power of persuasion, deception and manipulation he rules  leaves a path of destruction where he goes and no man dares stand in his way …

From a time never seen throughout history the world is on it’s knees in a new era of proliferation of war, famine and disasters.  It’s the survival of intelligence!

Terror attacks are ever more mainstream rising on each population that denies the new leader.  Fear is in the hearts of the mighty men that are still standing.

Throughout the journey to find the 7 candlesticks a rebellion has taken form. There is a resistance of men; of all creeds and languages but this is a new battle and it’s your life or it’s a race to death.

From the Powerdrome to the clash of new age titans there is a battle and it’s a fight that no one wants to lose.  Chaos has erupted in the streets but the willingness and strength has been drained and lost by many.  They know their fate should they step out of the boundary of the new law and it’s a risk few want to take.  Once considered voluntary options of life are now mandatory if not on the surface but beneath it.

There is hope… In an age of censorship and authority led teaching the ancient transcripts are still remembered and followed.  It reminds them… He who chooses to go to the dark shall see darkness and the spiritual choice for those that follow the light.  The only problem is that only a rare glimmer of light appears.

Entertainment and amusement has ceased.  Books and guns have been confiscated.  The black market is a competing and dominating the underground movement and civil wars have broken out allowing for more control of the people.

There has been a global collapse.  Resources are low and “bandits” are envious of those that have them.  Although a time of survival there are still human needs and also man’s greed.  There are vigilantes, bounty hunters and a forbidden “fourth faction”.

There are earthquakes, a collision of the planets which caused catastrophic repercussions and life is not how it was once known.

The world is mourning, but from intense and chaotic times, came a new order.  There is an imperial time and for most it is not an option or not to be part of it!

The new global order which has emerged has brought a new empire and with it’s devastating force that has the combination of all historic fallen empires.  Is this empire destined to succeed?

There has been technological and energy advances that could never have been dreamed before and the empire not only owns them but they fully intend to use them.

It is clear Fleuric has one main aim and that is to destroy the world and he grows increasingly angered and more determined by whatever gets in his way.  As his enemy are fighting for food, peace and freedom they believe he can be stopped and they have their Gods on their side.

Is the fate of the world is in their hands?

This is The Shift!

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